PLumbing Operations

How long does it take to insert the K-Valve Test Plug?

15-20 seconds

Can I use the test plug with the 100mm Standard inspection openings on wastewater pipes?

No, the K-Valve products are designed to work as an ensemble when fitted to PVC 100mm pipe.  The K-Valve test plug inserts to both the K-Valve standard and K-Valve Expansion inspection and test opening.  You must purchase both the K-Valve test plug and either the K-Valve Standard or expansion IO.

Can I lose the K-Valve test plug?

No, the K-Valve test plug is designed to easily insert into the face of the K-Valve inspection opening, secured by an outer cap and water flow controlled by a simple quarter turn relief valve.  This means, nothing can be dislodged during static water testing, no injuries can occur and no wasted hours trying to find the lost plug down the pipe.

What does 'same fitted cost' mean?

When calculating the cost of the current testing Inspection Opening products, plus labour of a plumber for the time taken using the current testing method to fit an inspection opening test plug, versus the cost of K-Valve products and labour of plumber for the short amount of time to set up K-Valve inspection opening test plug, the cost works out to be the same if not cheaper.  In saying this, the plumber will end up with up to 10x the amount of time spare to utilise on other work, therefore being more efficient and not wasting time on extracting plugs or lost time injuries.

Can K-Valve be installed on the horizontal for applications like inground drainage?

Yes, the Standard K-Valve inspection and test opening can be used for horizontal applications for either inground or above ground purposes.  The K-Valve Expansion inspection and test opening is only generally used in the vertical position.

Does K-Valve come in HDPE as an option?

Currently, the K-Valve products are only manufactured in UPVC, however, the HDPE option is currently under development and is intended for sale in the near future.

Does the K-Valve products come in any other sizes other than 100mm?

No, feedback indicated that the 100mm size was the most suitable and common size for what plumbers are mostly working with for Inspection Opening’s.

Spec Writers & Developers

Is the K-Valve certified to AS/NZ 1260 standard?

Yes, all K-Valve products have been tested and certified to the AS/NZ1260 standard and have been issued the licenced WaterMark.

How long are lead times for stock if K-Valve was specified for a large project?

K-Valve systems holds a significant amount of stock in their 3PL Brisbane based warehouse.  If the K-Valve products were appointed for large projects, K-Valve systems would be happy to work with you to ensure continuity of supply by ensuring suitable volumes and lead times were provided to account for manufacturing and freighting timeframes.

What does being a finalist in Safe Work and Return to Work Awards mean?

The office of industrial relations (QLD WH&S) annually run an awards event to showcase the products and companies that are promoting safe work. K-Valve systems was appointed a finalist in the “Best solution to an identified work health and safety issue” category for the K-Valve products in 2021.

Ordering K-Valve Products

How do I order the K-Valve products?

Currently, K-Valve Systems is in the final stages of bedding down a distribution agreement nationally in Australia.  Until such time, direct orders can be made with the acknowledgment that freight is an additional cost.   Products can be purchased via a credit card payment or set up as a customer by completing the relevant K-Valve customer forms.  Email info@kvalve.com.au and we can guide you on how to go about ordering the K-Valve products.

Do you supply to New Zealand?

Yes, K-Valve products are currently being supplied to varying wholesalers around NZ and direct through K-Valve Systems Pty Ltd for the time being.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

For Australia, there isn’t any minimum order quantity. For New Zealand orders, please contact K-Valve Systems via email at info@kvalve.com.au