Running your own plumbing business can lead to a rewarding career. Your services are needed by customers and you get to tackle a new situation on your feet everyday.

This being said, the pandemic has forced the plumbing industry to face cut backs over the past few years and these are expected to persist into 2022 and beyond. This isn’t great news!

What’s causing the slow down? The latest IBISWorld report shows the Australian plumbing sector is expected to experience a 4% decline in revenue in coming years. This is due in part to fewer homeowners completing maintenance on their houses during the uncertain times of the pandemic. What needs fixing has been put off. In addition, there is a slight downward trend in new residential building projects. Not as many new homes are being constructed, leading to a dip in demand for plumbing services across the country.

What does this mean for business owners? Any edge you can gain for your customers and yourself can help set you apart from your competition. In our opinion, one of these is the K-Valve, an innovative plumbing test valve solution that can help save you time and money. As a device that helps you quickly and efficiently test water in commercial, industrial, and residential environments, this revolutionary product is changing the game.

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