Project Managers, listen up! If you’re responsible for new home construction projects or developing sports venues, you need to hear this news. There’s a new and revolutionary product on the market that’s going to save you a lot of time and money.

Whatever the project, there will be a need for a stormwater test valve. It goes with the territory. We want to make sure you know about K-Valve and why it is the must-have item to keep in any kit for stormwater testing in Queensland.

Learn more about this multi-award-winning product as we give you the lowdown on the reasons you need it for stormwater testing in Queensland.

What Exactly Is K-Valve?

K-Valve is an effective and safe testing and inspection device for plumbers. Having identified the difficulties that those who carry out stormwater testing in Queensland can experience, we’ve come up with a strategic design.

K-Valve streamlines the process involved in testing stormwater and sewer systems. You can use it in industrial, commercial or residential settings. It’s the simplicity of the product that is perhaps most eye-catching. There are plenty of people out there who find it hard to believe nobody has come up with anything remotely similar before.

Improves Safety and Saves Time & Money

K-Valve’s design makes it easy to install. You can use the multi-faceted K-Valve as the standard test opening and inspection tool. Simply apply the separate test plug during the testing period and finish off the testing process with the permanent plug and cap.

The unique K-Valve test plug allows users to control the water flow with one easy quarter-turn relief valve. This cuts out the potential injury to fingers, hands and wrists. We can make an evidence-based claim that this enhances business efficiency. It improves safety as well as saving time and money.

Fully Accredited and Patented

A bonus feature of the K-Valve stormwater test plug is its pneumatic functionality. This makes for water-saving opportunities. You’ll find K-Valve fully accredited to AS/NZS 1260. We’ve also secured a patent for this revolutionary product. It’s good to go and ready and able to optimise any projects with plumbing components.

And the Award Goes to…

K-Valve, of course. K-Valve took the prize for Product of the Year at the 2023 New Zealand Plumbing Awards. Held in Christchurch, these awards are extra-special because the shortlist gets drawn up by industry experts.

They also decide who the top award goes to. These are people who share a passion for this often-overlooked field of expertise.

The slogan of Master Plumbers, who are the organisers of the New Zealand Plumbing Awards, is “Representing Excellence.” That all helps to make K-Valve’s association with the organisation even more of a thrill.

K-Valve was also a proud winner in Queensland’s Safe Work and Return Work Awards in 2022. This was in the Best Demonstrated Healthy and Safe Work Design category.

We are super proud of both these valuable endorsements of the enormous contribution K-Valve can make in the workplace.

The Future of Stormwater Testing in Queensland

When you’re leading a large residential project with a team of construction workers, you may find that plumbers, in particular, have their gadgets to use for stormwater testing.

Some may already have discovered K-Valve. However, many may be using a plethora of different types of testing devices that can lead to injury. Some are easy to lose in pipework or need replacing regularly.

By streamlining the stormwater testing in Queensland and incorporating K-Valve into your project, you can share in its many benefits.

Unprecedented Demand for New Homes

There are some significant developments on the horizon in Queensland. A lack of homes is fuelling the demand for the development of low-density housing, such as townhouses and duplexes.

Billions of dollars are getting pumped into new housing projects by both the government and the private sector. K-Valve can play a significant part as the stormwater test valve of choice in any of these new commercial developments.

For example, the Queensland government’s 2023–24 Budget is boosting funding by $1.1 billion for the supply and delivery of social housing across the state through the Housing and Homelessness Action Plan 2021–2025.

This is to help with steeper construction costs. It’s also to supercharge the QuickStarts Queensland program target by 500 homes, bringing it to 3,265 social housing projects by the end of June 2025.

All Eyes on the Olympics 2032

Moving to commercial projects, take a look at the venues needed for the 2032 Brisbane Olympic and Paralympic Games. Eight require upgrading, including Barlow Park and Brisbane International Shooting Centre.

A further six are going to be brand new. These include the Breakfast Creek Indoor Sports Centre and the Redland Whitewater Centre. There are to be an additional five temporary venues, such as Broadbeach Park Stadium. And there are three further venues to consider, including the Main Press Centre and the International Broadcast Centre.

Vast Numbers of Fans, Athletes and Officials

Organisers are planning for huge numbers of spectators. The expectations are that Brisbane 2032 will have to accommodate over 16,000 athletes and officials. That’s during the Olympic Games. There’ll be a further 8,000 during the Paralympic Games.

All accommodation for athletes is to be close to the competition venues. Organisers expect the average athlete’s travel time to come in at less than 20 minutes.

Once the Games have finished, three of the villages are going to become new and permanent homes. This will aid South East Queensland’s expanding population within buzzing, mixed-use precincts.

All these new homes and venues will need expert plumbing to cater for vast numbers passing through them. Stormwater testing in Queensland will be at full flow.

Now is the time for project managers and plumbers to come up with a plan to streamline the process. That’s when K-Valve, the stormwater test valve for now and the future, can step up to the mark.

Get Your Hands on the Best Stormwater Test Valve Today!

We believe K-Valve should be incorporated into the planning of any building project. These can be small or large and will involve a component of stormwater testing in Queensland and beyond.

By using K-Valve, you have the opportunity to enhance on-site safety and make savings in both time and money. Contact one of the K-Valve team today to secure your order.