In a world where every penny counts, it’s crucial to find cost-effective solutions in every aspect of life, even when it comes to the often overlooked domain of sewer system testing. Enter the K-Valve, an innovative product that allows for cutting costs without compromising the reliability of your sewer system testing procedures. Not only is it a guaranteed money-saver, but it also offers a whole host of safety and efficiency benefits.

Read on to learn why you need K-Valve for the most economical stormwater system testing.

A Dramatic Drop in Work-Related Injuries

About 12,500 workers’ compensation claims get accepted across the construction industry every year due to injuries and diseases. They involve absences from work of one week or more, and a significant proportion of those affected are plumbers, according to SafeWork Australia.

Although these are the latest available figures, they date back several years. Given an expected continuation of the construction boom in Queensland over the next decade, however, there’s no reason to assume we will see a significant improvement across the board.

Preventative measures such as wearing hard hats, rubber boots and hard-wearing overalls can only do so much. Sometimes, a new and revolutionary product is what’s necessary.

What makes K-Valve different is that it takes a one-size-fits-all approach to stormwater and sewer system testing. It does away with riskier traditional methods of sewer system testing and replaces them with a product that’s safer, more cost-effective and more efficient.

K-Valve Reduces Risks for Plumbers

There’s no question that plumbing can be dangerous work. Sewer system testing, for example, can involve:

  • Sudden, unexpected rises in water pressure and their associated risks
  • Contact with harmful bacteria or viruses and the resulting diseases
  • Exposure of arms and hands, in particular, to hazardous situations

The unique design of K-Valve helps reduce and even eliminate the risks that come with stormwater testing. Water pressure is easier to control, and there’ll be no need to fish around for lost or misplaced valves in pipes with all the related risks to fingers.

K-Valve is playing into efforts to put a big dent in plumbing-related injuries. There are tangible financial benefits in reducing staff time off because of accidents. K-Valve is also helping to reduce the number of injury claims and their associated costs.

Reduce the Frequency of Replacing Testing Equipment

Traditional test plugs, such as the ring and bag, can be tricky to handle. They can often get lost in pipework, where they suffer damage or break altogether. Some traditional sewer plugs can slip and become impaired due to:

  • A decrease in friction force
  • An increase in back pressure
  • Changes in temperature

A clear downside of inflatable test plugs is that they can be labour-intensive. The whole testing process can become even more time-consuming if there’s a leak. The award-winning K-Valve is designed to eliminate the risk of losing the device which keeps more money in your pocket.

Steel Valves vs K-Valve

Steel plugs have certain disadvantages, too. Although you might see a variety of steel test plugs with wingnuts in a bag of plumbing tools, you need to be aware of potential safety issues.

If the seals wear out over time, for instance, it’s relatively easy to drop them into the pipe. Or, if the wingnuts get damaged, the plug can leak, reducing its effectiveness. There’s also the extra expense of having to keep many different-sized plugs.

Because the K-Valve system is so much more user-friendly, it eliminates all these kinds of issues. When you consider that your average inflatable bag testing product costs between $30-$50, you can see how the savings can stack up over time.

And, You Can Make Even More Savings!

K-Valve won’t just help you make cost savings by reducing injuries and in equipment replacement. This clever device also saves you time, and time equates to money. It allows you to get sewer system testing jobs done more quickly and efficiently.

This has an evidence-based knock-on effect. It allows for faster project turnarounds and a reduction in labour costs. These can translate into measurable financial benefits to any size of business. K-Valve can also help reduce the waste of large quantities of water during the stormwater testing process.

We’ve managed to maintain K-Valve at a very competitive and attractive price point. It’s become one of the most cost-effective must-haves for large businesses and smaller independent plumbers. And you can make even more savings by buying K-Valve in bulk.

Why K-Valve Is More Efficient in Larger Developments

K-Valve helps drive efficiency by reducing the number of plumbers and hours for testing bigger projects. It helps create an economic stormwater system testing environment. The entire process becomes more straightforward to manage.

Furthermore, the K-Valve is easy to install and easy to operate which opens up the ability for apprentices to be employed for these previously highly experienced jobs. This helps train the next generation of skilled plumbers while reducing your cost of wages.

Bringing Down the Hourly Rate of Overall Labour Costs

The prospect of fewer workers delivering the same service within a shorter timeframe is every project manager’s dream. The average hourly rate for a plumber in Australia is currently around $75. Using K-Valve on a big project may mean you can keep your sewer system testing team at one or two people rather than hiring a bigger crew.

Because K-Valve simplifies the stormwater and sewer system testing processes, it makes it easier to train others. This is ideal for apprentices or entry-level plumbers.

Become a K-Valve Distributor

K-Valve is also a winner if you’re a tradesperson or a plumbing distributor. You can share in the benefits of K-Valve and make a positive impact on the construction industry.

K-Valve is an easy sell to plumbers because its benefits are so simple to quantify. It may save plumbers money in sewer system testing, but selling the device can be a useful income earner as well.

Contact K-Valve today and learn how to get your hands on this revolutionary stormwater testing game-changer.