Creating a good impression at a job interview or when meeting a new potential partner requires one key ingredient. You need to be able to show off the added value you’re bringing to the table.

Marketing a new product in any industry has similarities. It helps if you can prove that it beats the competition on quality, price and efficiency.

K-Valve does all that in spades. Read on to discover why K-Valve is the must-have cutting-edge plumbing test valve for stormwater testing. All plumbers and plumbing distributors should use it and stock it.

Why K-Valve Is Ahead of the Pack

Every so often a simple light-bulb moment embarks on a journey that a manufacturer picks up, runs with and packages ready to sell. Shark Tank (Australia) may have only lasted 4 seasons but it illustrated how hard that process can be to pull off.

The tools of the trade in the plumbing industry have been stagnating. The stormwater testing techniques plumbers use have not been keeping up with the times. That’s until now. K-Valve is a revolutionary product that improves the way plumbers perform certain everyday tasks with the assistance of an innovative plumbing test valve.

It’s great value, easy to use and saves tradespeople valuable time. It also reduces the risk of injury to them during stormwater testing procedures. That makes it an easy sell for plumbing distributors and plumbing stores and why they need to order it today.

The Added Value of K-Valve to Plumbers

K-Valve is an award-winning product and can boast recognition across the plumbing industry. It took home one of Queensland’s prestigious 2022 Safe Work and Return to Work Awards. It was also a proud finalist in the Australian Workplace Health and Safety Awards.

For many years now, manufacturers have produced test plugs in an array of sizes, prices, and shapes. K-Valve offers a safer, more cost-effective and one-size-fits-all solution.

A problem when testing the stormwater systems in older homes or offices can be the complex network of pipework of years of repairs.

Mitigating the Risk of Injury During Stormwater Testing

That can make it very tricky to get to the places plumbers need to reach in order to carry out stormwater testing most effectively. For instance, when a traditional test ball deflates once a test is over, it can get sucked down the pipework.

This highlights the risks of both injury and loss when using these types of test plugs.  Plumbers can hurt themselves when their fingers get sucked into the pipe too, especially when they’re in an awkward position.

Additionally, if the test ball tears, contractors are likely to be in for a soaking. That can increase the possibility of slip-and-fall accidents. Easy to install, K-Valve does away with all those risks.

Plumbers can use the modern K-Valve as the standard inspection and test opening. They’ll apply the individual test plug during the testing stage and finish off the process with the permanent plug and cap.

Controlling the Flow of Water

The K-Valve test plug regulates the flow of water with a ¼ turn relief valve. It thus cuts out the risk of causing injury to the wrists and fingers. That has a direct impact on the improvement of business efficiency by removing the time lost from getting medical help and recovery.

Plumbing test balls often fail at crucial moments during the placement, inflation and removal of the device. That can be due to ageing equipment, a simple mistake or gauges that aren’t working properly. All this causes unnecessary waste of time and effort that K-Valve does away with.

Economically priced, K-Valve comes in UPVC 100mm standard and expansion form. K-Valve ends the requirement for having an endless supply of test plugs, many of which might vanish or simply never get used.

The Plumbing Test Valve That Saves Plumbers Time

Certain testing plugs such as traditional inflatable balls are also inefficient in other ways. For example, plumbers need to have the right tools with them to use them correctly.

These kinds of plugs are normally not repairable and may only last for a handful of tests. The entire testing process can get ever more time-consuming whenever a leak occurs.

Again, K-Valve has the edge. It saves time and reduces the risk of wasting water. Plumbers also get to use it time and again as we’ve built K-Valve to last.

Why All Reputable Distributors Need to Stock K-Valve

Tell a plumber you can save them time and money with one simple low-cost product and it’s not hard to see why their eyes might light up. Anything that can improve profits is invaluable. K-Valve is a patented and fully accredited product meeting all required industry standards.

It’s a simple solution for plumbers when they’re carrying out sewer and stormwater testing. This applies to older residential properties as well as new big office building projects. The beauty of it is that’s ideal for all scenarios.

Project Managers who supervise the biggest commercial or council developments need K-Valve. It should become an integral part of their business strategy. They’ll then be helping in the drive to maximise efficiency and improve their health and safety procedures at the same time.

Becoming a K-Valve Plumbing Distributor

It’s simple to set up an account with us. You can order K-Valve in advance and there are no minimum order requirements. Stocking K-Valve acts as evidence that you want to be ahead of the game. You’ll be able to offer your clients a product that will add greater efficiency to their business and the work they do.

Some of the most reputable plumbing distributors across Australia and New Zealand have now caught on. They’re already seeing the added value K-Valve is bringing their customers. We’re keen for you to join them and reap the many benefits of stocking K-Valve.

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