Plumbing distributors want to work with brands that are going to earn them money. If they don’t see the potential, they’ll quickly move on.

K-Valve is a revolutionary stormwater testing product proven to save busy plumbers time and reduce the risk of injuries. An award-winning device recognised by key government agencies in Australia for its innovative plumbing design, this is a game-changer.

Read on to find out why K-Valve is the must-have product that all reputable plumbing distributors and stockists should know about.

Your Distribution Checklist

There are a number of key drivers that are going to determine whether a new product is going to fit your distribution portfolio. It’s worth taking a moment to weigh all these up to understand why K-Valve has such potential to boost sales and profits.

Here are some of the factors that could make or break your decision to stock or distribute a new piece of plumbing kit. The product:

  • Needs to be different and offer benefits that are greater than its rivals
  • Must resonate with customers so that it is easy to sell
  • Needs a successful back-story behind it
  • Has to be the right fit for the current market
  • Have a price that will make a profit and attract customers
  • Be able to meet the demand of potential supply
  • Should complement other available products in the distribution portfolio
  • Have a supplier who’s easy to do business with
  • Is simple to market

The Benefits of Offering an Innovative Plumbing Solution

K-Valve ticks all of these boxes and more. Developed over a number of years, it starts from an enviable position. Plumbing health and safety experts have seen its potential to save time and reduce injury. They’ve already selected K-Valve on more than one occasion as an award winner in a highly competitive market.

Suppliers and plumbing distributors also benefit from wholesale pricing. This is through the simple B2B model of working with one another. There are no middlemen involved making the process of buying and selling as smooth and lucrative as possible.

K-Valve provides the opportunity to sell a product that’s fresh, and innovative. It offers solutions to the kinds of problems traders and plumbers face every day. An attractive extra, it brings added value to a distributor’s portfolio and to their clients.

Because of its proven benefits, stocking K-Valve shows that plumbing distributors are on top of their game. It demonstrates that they are always on the lookout for new and exciting products their customers will want to buy.

Australian States Experiencing a Construction Boom

The Australian construction industry generates almost $360 billion a year. That’s around 9 per cent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It employs a staggering proportion of the population. That’s almost 1,2 million people at the last count and a figure that is likely to grow and grow over the next few years.

There are driving forces behind this rapid expansion, with Queensland, NSW and Victoria trailblazing the drive to find more skilled workers in the field of construction. If you want to become a plumber, electrician or construction worker, now would be a good time to get your career started.

Brisbane ‘32

The 2032 Olympics coming to Brisbane are creating a wealth of opportunities. The Venue Master Plan has identified 37 competition venues needed to host 28 Olympic and 22 Paralympic sports. 6 new venues, 8 upgraded venues and 23 existing or temporary venues make up the plan.

The expectation is that hundreds of thousands of spectators will visit Queensland. The consequence of that is planning the details that will go into the facilities across the state from Brisbane and beyond to meet the demand.

That includes everything from countless washrooms at each of the venues to a likely hotel boom with new infrastructure planning already well underway.

K-Valve is going to be an invaluable asset to all these new state-of-the-art commercial developments. Fully accredited and patented, K-Valve streamlines testing in the sewer and stormwater systems found in every kind of new commercial and industrial environment.

New Homes in New South Wales

It’s not only in new commercial developments that K-Valve has a niche. It can also play a vital part in the new housing projects. The NSW government has recently been flagging up its $73.5 million Rezoning Pathways Program.

The plan is to create 70,000 new homes as part of the government’s multi-billion dollar Housing Package. All these houses will need to undergo sewer and stormwater testing so that water systems meet the required safety standards.

K-Valve can increase all-around efficiency. It’s a cost-effective product that ultimately will not only get the job done more quickly but mitigate the risk of danger and save water at the same. This increases the chances of greater profitability for those companies within the residential construction industry that use it.

Victoria’s Big Housing Build Program

The state government is making an investment of more than $5 billion in affordable and social housing with a goal to deliver more than 12,000 new homes. These include more than 9,000 new social housing homes and replace over a thousand existing ones.

The government claims this will mark a total boost of 10 per cent in social housing supply across metropolitan and regional Victoria.

As with NSW’s Rezoning program, the emphasis is on speed to meet the demand for affordable housing. Again, K-Valve can play an integral part in helping to reach these kinds of goals. It is an essential tool that all plumbers should have with them for stormwater testing across the water systems in any kind of new build.

K-Valve, the Innovative Plumbing Solution

Every plumbing distributor can be part of the K-Valve vision. That’s to give tradespeople an invaluable tool that will help them to work more efficiently, save water and experience a lower risk of injury.

K-Valve has revolutionised stormwater testing across every kind of building development. It’s a simple yet effective device that helps plumbers get on with the job at hand.

Get in touch with us now. Join the growing band of K-Valve distributors. Help make a positive difference across the construction industry.