The K-Valve testing and inspecting plumbing technology presents an innovative design that addresses the problem of plumbing workplace injury and lost plugs. Thanks to the K-Valve, testing stormwater and wastewater has never been easier or safer!

Fewer workplace injuries
Traditionally, when plumbers test waste and sewer water, they may need to crouch down into small spaces or reach up to high heights in awkward positions in order to access the test opening. Once found, a hand tension test plug needs to be forcefully inserted into the pipe. This often leads to injuries including cuts, abrasions, dislocations, sprains, and more when work is done in cumbersome situations with constrained access.

With the K-Valve plumbing testing valve, workplace injuries due to wastewater testing are eliminated. Our innovative design allows you to install an inspection test opening in your pipe that can be easily accessed at any time. A 100mm test plug holds a specially designed larger insert. Both pieces can be placed easily inside a pipe. The insert holds water at static pressure and a simple quarter turn relieves the water. When testing is done, the insert is simply taken out. No more hands forced inside pipes, or twisting and turning to contort the body to get the job done.

No more lost testing plugs
The way community pipes are currently designed for wastewater testing, a plumber needs to place a hand tension test plug inside the pipe by forcing it. This process can often go wrong! It’s common for hand tension test plugs to block lower pipework and for testing devices to get lost in the pipes. When this happens, extra camera equipment can be needed to retrieve the lost pieces, which can be pricey. As a comprehensive system with matching test plug and insert pieces, with K-Valve nothing has a chance to be dislodged and lost.

Faster and easier access
Testing sewer and stormwater with the K-Valve plumbing inspection valve system has been shown to be up to 90% faster than traditional testing methods making it a solid go-to solution. It takes just a moment to place the test plug and close the test cap. These pieces can also be quickly removed and the insert piece and permanent cap reinstalled after testing is done. Faster and easier access saves valuable time and money.

Less water wasted
Finally, K-Valve solutions can save you water! Traditional waste and sewer water testing can result in excess resources literally going down the drain. Local councils are getting onboard with K-Valve because our system gives plumbers much more control over how much water is released for testing. Pneumatic features in the test plug can lead to significant water conservation over time.

Contact us today to discuss your project and distribution needs. K-Valve is your innovative solution to quick, safe, and easy wastewater and sewer water testing.